Build an in-game community,build user social platform for you

Build an in-game community,build user social platform for you
What can WePlayKit do for you?
  • Contact the user

    Through WePlayKit, we can build the in-game community, which can reach the user group of the game most quickly and directly, and connect the game users and developers.

  • Retained the Users

    Keep users active and retained through the community's task, achievement system and user relationship chain.

  • Get users active

    Promote active use of games through community activities, rewards, leaderboards, and interactions among users.

  • Add more users

    Through community content sharing, friend invitations and other mechanisms, let users help the game to acquire quality users at no cost

  • Intuitive data presentation
    Timely monitoring of results
They're all using it
  • Toy Blast
    Relaxation Mobile Game, Match 3 Game
    Toy Blast, a high quality Match 3 game, has been recommended by Appstore for many times. After the game accessed WePlayKit, players get a user community where users are able to exchange the game tips and share their lives. Also, users have given a lot of feedback and suggestions to the game through the community, which makes the updates of Toy blast more fit.
  • Subway Surfers
    Relaxation Mobile Game, Parkour Video Game
    Subway Surfers, a quality puzzle and relaxation mobile game, allow players to enjoy different sights of the world. The players are able to showcase the charm of parkour by sharing their in-game videos with the accessing of WePlayKit, which has effectively increased the activity and retention of Subway Surfers.
  • Temple Run 2
    Relaxation Mobile Game, Parkour Video Game
    Temple Run 2 is one of the world's most popular parkour games. The accessing of WePlayKit allows Temple Run 2 to have a in-game social platform for its players. The players can share screenshots of high game scores, show off the rewards of game events, share gameplay videos in the video column, and interact with community friends so that their interests is captured by Temple Run 2 for a long time.
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